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Protocol Features

Novel Strategy Implementation

Novel approaches to running TradFi strategy building blocks allows for extremely efficient running costs.


Test BTFs show total operational cost of 220k gas units a day 

Block Trades

At a given block, QuantAMM pools act as geometric mean market makers. This has tried and tested trading manipulation protections as well as considerable efficiencies.

MEV protections

Between blocks there is the potential to be front run if you are not careful. Novel analysis and guard implementation protects you from this threat. 

Compliance hooks

Applying configurable compliance features from day 1 allows for potential to offer regulated products. Collaborating with leading specialists in the field, such as Violet Protocol, allows for accelerated development.

Composite Pools

Composite pools allow for redistribution of capital between sub pools. This can be achieve given external arbitrageurs only and no complex trading stack is required.

Depeg aware stable BTFs

New AMM functionality combined with novel strategy min variance approaches allow fundamentally important products: 


A depeg aware stable-coin BTF

Oracle Disaster Recovery

During periodic updates, if a given oracle call fails or doesn't meet pool criteria, disaster recovery is needed.

Standard DR procedures found in TradFi are implemented for oracles.

Advanced Execution Management

Simple execution management techniques provide considerable protection against potential slippage. 

Novel execution management techniques allow considerable gains. 

BTF Creation SDK

While a range of products will already be available. An advanced, ML based custom pool creation toolkit is available for experimentation. 

Able to run on local and cloud GPUs


 QuantAMM has unique fee structures that charge only uplift over HODL since deposit. 

Fees also decay with time to incentivize sticky liquidity. 

Strategy Disaster Recovery

Strategies require a trigger call to update their signal every configured update interval. 

Chainlink automation framework provides disaster recovery updates 

ZK active strategies

ZK strategies allows for active management: protected alpha where you can make sure the strategy complies with your investor mandate. 

ChainML provides such innovative architecture. 

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