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No counterparty risk

Sole access to your funds

Withdraw whenever you want

DeFi for all skill levels

Individuals or institutions

Regional regulatory options

Understandable products

Familiar risk-return

Easy to understand as ETFs.

Low fees for participants

P&L based on token values.


Blockchain Traded Funds - superior crypto exposure, traditional products


Introducing Blockchain Traded Funds (BTFs)

Composing BFTs on-chain, instead of tokenizing an existing ETF, allows for significant cost savings.


BTFs rebalance as market makers and can be as simple as a index tracker or as complex as a hedge fund.

Products can be a mix of native crypto and tokenized assets allowing diversified, hands-off investing.  

Fire & forget
LP approach

Continuously changing asset weights in response to volatile market conditions. 

Versatility in Product choice

Choose tailored BTFs for your needs and opinions of where blockchain sectors are heading.

Resilient TradFi strategy profiles

A range of popular wall street strategies with decades of lessons learn and resilience

Understandable to non crypto natives

No need to understand complexities of staking or yield. Rely on price movements.


Fact: Token prices are volatile
Asset managers know this and profit by buying low and selling high.
Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs/CFMMs) ignore this causing pre-fee loss 
Solution: Let weights flow with time
Blockchain Traded Funds rebalance with an in-built AMM
Allow your holdings to gain in value even before trading fees
Trading fee income means lower fees charged to LPs
ResultGreater returns, lower fees
Patented innovations providing ultimate efficiency

Beat benchmarks of other managed asset-management protocols           
Get charged less on
returns as running costs and fees are low
Sit back and watch BTFs continuously adapt unlike other offerings  

Advanced tooling

Tooling available for all sophistication levels

Institutional fund constructors
BTF product design wizards

Quants and Traders 
Strategy Plugins and AI Strategy training

Amateurs and explorers 
Accessible backtest playground

Join the Future of DeFi with QuantAMM BTFs

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