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Move beyond
liquidity providing

Use next generation AMM mechanics to run on-chain ETF-like products 

Understand your returns

Analogous to ETFs. P&L based on token value.

No undefined yield farming, No unpredictable staking.

No risky lending.

No reliance on trade volume. 

fire and forget

Always have safe access to your funds and join a pool that follows a TradFi strategy. No complex cross-chain stack, and done without trading bots.

Decentralized Finance for Everyone

Whether you are an individual or an institution, retain confidence by joining compliant pools, based on your jurisdiction or investor mandate.

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Introducing Blockchain Traded Funds (BTFs)

QuantAMM is a DeFi protocol that enables blockchain trading funds (BTFs).

These BFTs operate as DEX pools and can be as simple as an index tracker BTF or as complex as a quant trend-following hedge fund.


Composing BFTs on-chain, instead of tokenizing an existing ETF, allows users to retain custody and have fully transparent rebalancing mechanisms.


This on-chain only approach also allows mixed native crypto and tokenized assets products as well as the most efficient automated price discovery 

Changing target weights with the market conditions

Passive TradFi products rebalance the weight of the constituents based on a defined quantitative rule. This rule and rebalancing can be brought on-chain to increase transparency and lower costs. 

Tried and tested TradFi economics

BTFs can run familiar or identical strategies to TradFi products that are found in portfolios around the world, as well a novel approaches.

Versatility in Product choice

QuantAMM BTFs can be governed by any rule or strategy the pool creator has defined. Pool of pools also allow for nested strategies. For instance, a de-peg aware stablecoin pool can be itself a constituent to another BTF, removing the need to choose between one stablecoin and another. 

Understandable to non crypto natives

Aiming to be regulation friendly, QuantAMM runs transparent and predictable products. 

With understandable strategies QuantAMM is not only for those that have deep knowledge of blockchain infrastructure


An AMM tailored for
quantitative asset-management

QuantAMM BTFs offers a regulation-friendly fund construction to provide a hassle-free investment experience for institutional finance and retail investors alike.

Join the Future of Finance with QuantAMM BTFs

Empower your investments with QuantAMM BTFs, the revolutionary new Automated Market Maker. Get started today and experience the future of decentralized finance.

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